Getting down to business

So it’s fair to say up until now I’ve been pretty rubbish at a) getting in the miles and b) blogging about getting in the miles*. In all fairness I’ve spent the last couple of weeks battling various nasty bugs including¬†sinusitis, anyway, I got a nice** nasal spray from the doctors and it seems to be clearing up so today I went for a run!

I decided that 5km would be a good starting block and so onto the treadmill I jumped, it went something like this;

  1. 5 minutes of walking which graduated into a slow trot
  2. Stretching
  3. 2km at 10km/h
  4. 1 km at 7km/h
  5. 2km at 10km/h
  6. Stretching

As I approached the 2km mark I realised that I need to warm up even further when I’m running because my muscles really aren’t used to it, which is why I chucked in the slower km in the middle, I was still going reasonably quickly but it was a fast walk rather than a run. I added about 3km on the bike afterwards because dear old Adrian was leaving the One show and I wanted to see the end.

In the end, I ran 5km in around 33 minutes which I was happy enough with. Interesting on my way out of the gym I saw an entry form for the local 5km race next weekend, I had a think about it but decided that as the entry deadline would be tomorrow it was leaving it a bit short.

Anyway, this weekend is looking busy but I’m hoping to pop into the gym tomorrow for a bit, life is quite busy at the moment*** but this is a slow process, we’re talking years rather than months here, so a delayed start by a couple of weeks isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Keep running!

* I say “Getting in the miles” because it makes me sound like I know what I’m doing.

** For ‘nice’ read ‘evil’

*** Probably wasn’t the best time to start

Wales is HOT!

So I only really managed to get out for 1 proper run this week, hopefully now I’m back into the swing of things I can get back in the gym.

36 minutes of 2 minutes running, 1 minute rest. Felt quite good after it too. I would be interested in knowing how far I ran, ah well, back in the gym this week!

P.S I have added time to the distance counter for when I don’t measure distance but measure the time instead.

The First Week

Ok so it’s fair to say, so far, it hasn’t gone great but.

BUT I can be encouraged, you know why?

No me neither.

What I have learn’t is not to be an idiot and push too hard at the moment, and to stretch properly before and after doing exercising, as well as eating properly!

So this week is going to be an awful week for blogging (potentially) because I am at New Word Alive and so far I’m not hugely sure what the internet access is like (and whether I’m going to take my laptop or not). Anyway, this week is a getting back into it week, I’m going to do a few of the initial sessions from the training plan (it’s in the ‘how’ section if you haven’t seen it), these involve 2 minutes of jogging and then one minute walking, then 2 minutes jogging and one walking repeated for 30 and 40 minutes. I’ll also put some swimming in and generally getting myself back into exercise. I go to the gym a few times a week normally, but when you focus your training on something it can take your body some time to develop those particular muscles, especially if they aren’t used very much.

This weeks homework for you; (yes you get homework!).

Go for a walk. Half an hour minimum. It can’t be anything to do with work.

Just go for a walk, find a new place you’ve never been too before.

P.S Have you ever driven somewhere to go for a walk? I did that today, very odd.

Muscles = Ouch

So clearly yesterday didn’t go quite as well as planned, I did warm up and down but my legs are quite stiff, I think it will take a while for them to get used to running, they’re built for cycling so will take a bit to change that.

So, I need to exercise today so I shall do a bit of spinning on the rollers (I will video me on rollers, it’s hilarious) and go for a bit of a walk.

Day 2 = Not going so great.

Best Not Think About It

When you start something like this, it’s really best not to think about it too much, but then again it is good to think about it…I am trying to run for 21.5km in an hour.

I can’t even run 21.5km, as we discovered yesterday, I can’t even run 4km!

This is quite daunting, but good fun, its nice to be able to laugh it off as just another thing I want to do, but in reality, I think I would be disappointed if I didn’t even reach near the womens record. That is an amazing thing though, and remove sexism from your mind right now, in an hour, the fastest guy in the world can run nearly 3km further than the fastest girl in the world! I wonder why it is, it’s not like it’s a strength issue like with some other sports.

Google maps says that it takes 1 hour to walk 4.9km, I’ll be dissapointed if I can’t get 15km in an hour.

That however, is a long, long way off.

Day 1 is…encouraging

So that was the first day, 3km done, not easy, ran 2km and probably walked 1km, ran the first 1.5km and did a mix on the way back. This isn’t going to be easy but it will be rewarding.

I added a total distance counter thing, when it says run, it should say run because I won’t be running all of it all the time!

1 thing I probably should learn; have breakfast before you go. Ooops. Will do next time.

I can now check off 1, 2 and 3km though. I have no doubt that had I eaten breakfast I would have been able to do that a bit easier. I may have some food and try again later.


A few hours later and I’ve got a migraine, my migraines often mean I can’t see…no more running today I think.

Here We Go Then.

Oh, so that wasn’t a dream. I actually did create this.

As you can see, theres a nice little aims box on the right hand side which I will tick off as I reach each distance, I think it’s sensible not to be too stupid as I begin. I’m working for the distance to start off with and then I’ll start going for times. I think by the time I can do 24km in a fairly respectable time I will then think about doing 5km at/near the record pace and then build it up from there, as a complete non-runner that seems the best thing to do.

This is really quite a daunting prospect.

So I wasn’t going to do a training plan, but I found one that looks good, you can try it too, why not train along with me? Some of it looks a bit easy (I can walk for 30 minutes) so think I’ll skip to week 3, start with the walk/jogging.

Anyway, I’ll record my training with video and pictures and such as I go along.

Today is Day 1.

I think I’ll go for a run.